Vitamin C

Have you ever wondered where the term vitamin came from in the first place? It’s been ages that we have heard that eating healthy and right and choosing foods full of vitamins are good for us. Our elders insisted on vitamin C-rich foods and placed a glass full of orange juice with eggs and toast early in the morning. Usually, people don’t evaluate what exactly is a vitamin and why do we need it? A simple analysis would reveal all those questions that are in our minds.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that from the range of vitamins, vitamin C is the most important form necessary for us and would heal most diseases and common colds. If taken at the initial stage, another form of treatment is unnecessary, so it is vital for us.

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C has received a great deal of attention in recent years. It is because now people are more concerned about their health and the effects if they get sick. Many people are unaware of what actual vitamin C is. Vitamin C is most commonly known as ascorbic acid in the scientific language and contributes to a sound immune system. It is water-soluble and highly vital for essential nutrition and links all the vitamins and minerals bondage in the body.

Why is vitamin C essential?

Conclusion: many benefits of vitamin C are highly regarded as important to function properly in daily life. Some of the benefits are given below to identify the importance of our daily life.

  1. Helps immune system:

The foremost benefit of vitamin C is that it helps your immune system to become stronger. A healthy immune system aids in cold and flu especially. Adults and children equally need to have this important to remain healthy and prone to many other diseases. If you have a habit of exercising daily, then a good intake of vitamin C is essential to keep the heart healthy and run. With that, you won’t feel tired throughout the day.

  1. Helps nervous system:

The human nervous system is quite complex. It is made of various nerve cells, brain hormones, blood, and oxygen, to name a few. Since all these things are interconnected, the nervous system needs an extra push to keep running. So include vitamin C as a daily essential supplement or fruits so that the nervous system functions normally.

  1. Maintain healthy skin:

Who doesn’t love pure and healthy skin which is free of pimples, zits, or blackheads? The most important component which helps skin to be healthy is collagen. It is vital as it is linked to melanin which is highly important as it fights various skin diseases. Moreover, it stops skin discoloration. Melanin is good for bones and teeth, so have vitamin C daily if you love your skin.

  1. Supports minerals in the body:

Vitamin C is the main ingredient that supports all other minerals in the body. It helps them to travel easily and from place to place where the minerals are needed. Furthermore, it also helps oxygen travel to the body, especially to the brain, as it is connected to the whole human body and controls every function.

Vitamin C helps in iron absorption as well. Iron is vital for pregnant women, so if you are taking an extra dose of iron, take a glass of orange juice early in the morning to absorb all iron and other minerals in the body faster.

  1. Cardio health:

If you suffer from any cardiovascular disease, apart from visiting a doctor, take vitamin C. we have already discussed how it improves the immune system, so it does help in cardiovascular health. In case if you are still wondering what cardio health is, then it is related to the heart and blood vessels attached to it. Your chances of suffering from a stroke or heart failure decrease if there is abundant vitamin C in the diet.

  1. Precious eyes:

Human eyes are a gift from nature. It is the only thing without which life becomes quite difficult. , it is recommended that having one glass of orange juice suffice to maintain a healthy pair of eyes. That one glass of orange juice is packed with vitamin C, so drink it daily for a healthy set of eyes and eyesight.

  1. antioxidants:

Our body needs various antioxidants to work properly. Many germs attack in various situations, and vitamin C is one of the ingredients that fight those germs. With that, it will delay cancer and other related diseases to a great extent, or in fact, the diseases may not happen at all.

How much vitamin is good for health?

It is estimated that a daily intake of 75 to 90 milligrams is enough for an adult. If you cannot have fruits and vegetables, take supplements as skipping vitamin c is not a good idea.


Many people in the world are still unaware of the benefits of vitamin C. The blog clearly states that our body needs it to function properly as all human functions are interconnected. If the eyes suffer, then the brain will suffer as well. Similarly, the information is clear enough for you to decide what is good for you. If you initially feel tired and weak or suffer from a cold and cough, increase vitamin C intake in your diet and see the difference.