Prevent Disease By Thinking Differently Than Experts

Are you aware that all physicians and medical scientists happen to be indoctrinated having a problematic type of thinking dating towards the 17th century?

These “experts” hang on to a Cartesian type of thinking.

Cartesian refers back to the philosopher Descartes who declared, “I don’t recognize any distinction between the machines produced by craftsmen as well as other physiques nature alone composes.”

All scientists, whether or not they were physicists, botanists, or zoologists, soon adopted his indisputable fact that the topic of their study would be a machine.

With time, however, every science only one opted from that belief. The mechanistic, reductionist, biomedical type of health adopted by our doctors and medical scientists still assumes the body functions just like a machine.

This archaic theory states the body includes a fixed quantity of parts cooperating just like a clock. Disease is a result of their breakdown, and repair from the machine depends upon a doctor’s intervention.

Intervention is available in three forms: Repair by surgery, treatment with drugs, or even the substitute of defective parts.

Nowadays the tiniest defective parts are presumed to become genes, human disease genes, present in our cells.

Are you currently confident with the idea that the single human cell calculating 1/1000 inch across, that contains instructions within its DNA that will fill 1,000 books of 600 pages each, is but a part of a piece of equipment?

A existence systems type of thinking provides a far greater under- standing of health insurance and preventing disease.

All existence forms consist of layers or tiers. Genes are imbedded in chromosomes. We discover the chromosomes within the nucleus and also the nucleus within the cell. The cell resides within an organ and also the organ functions within organ systems.

Each one of these levels are dynamic, taking part in mutual inter- actions that influence the healthiness of each organism. They aren’t static areas of a piece of equipment, independent from nature.

In excess of 4 million years, beginning when our ancestors first was erect, we’ve were built with a partnership with nature.

The prosperity of this partnership, reflected within our individual health, has much related to nutrients produced from the outside atmosphere in our meal and also the water we drink.

All existence forms require minerals in the exterior atmosphere to manage the metabolic enzymes running their internal environ- ment.

Whenever we consume water and food deficient in minerals, our metabolic enzyme systems break lower. This is when we lose immunity to degenerative disease.

Obtaining a handle on where health originates from and the way to prevent disease sure beats repair by surgery, treatment with drugs, or even the substitute of defective parts.