How Can the History of Drug/ Alcohol Abuse Affect the Custody Agreement?

A child custody fight is a very traumatic phase of any parent’s life. As we all know that the court will always grant the right to the parent, who can give that child the best life. So, when one parent has a significant criminal history or is having signs of substance abuse, then there are lesser chances of you getting custody.

It is always seen that alcohol or drug abuse is one point that can affect the custody of your child. This does not mean that you will not get any chances but there might be hurdles that the parent will have to jump over to ensure the court that their kid is safe in their hands. So, if you are a parent struggling for this custody then you should look for rehabs that can help you get into sobriety. Detox to Rehab is a progressive, supportive, and inclusive community that has helped hundreds of such addicts to navigate through the journey of sobriety. They will make sure that whatever addiction you are battling they will help you come out of it.

Now let us see how are the drug use and child custody

Firstly, the judge will examine the situation whether the parent who wants the custody is currently under drug abuse or if he is working towards sobriety. So, when the party is alleging that the party is taking drugs or alcohol or has any such kind of history then the judge may order a test. If the test comes positive then the parent has to prove that he is taking enough measures to keep the child safe.

In case of a previous history of this substance abuse then the parent will have to show what measure, he has taken to ensure their commitment to sobriety.

If there is just an allegation and there is no proof about it, then the case will become more complex to solve.