Vitamin c

Eating healthy is essential for a healthy body. But what are the ways to have a healthy mind and body? How do you make sure that the daily requirements are met? To what extent do you need to change your eating pattern to gain better minerals and vitamins? These are some common questions that we encounter daily and ask our physicians.

We run after diet plans and seek various opportunities to see what famous people are eating. How are they so lean and fit all the time? To achieve the same lifestyle, you need to improve your diet and have lots of minerals and vitamin c in your dietary plans.

Why is a healthy diet important?

A healthy diet is a dream for many. When we get ill and take medicines, then we realize the importance of a healthy diet. There are many places in the world where people live a hazardous life and hence know that a balanced diet will do good to their body, but it stays a dream. So to ward off diseases, we all must have a balanced diet so that our lifespan increases. With that, keep in mind that intake of vitamin c alone can fight half of the deadly diseases, so it is better to take foods rich in vitamin c.

Ways to improve diet:

A rich diet has numerous health benefits. It can do wonders and magic to your body and brain. We make various plans almost on all weekdays and believe that we can do it, but we usually revert to ourselves by the end of the week.

But now it’s time to shake off the laziness. Take a step forward and see how you can improve your diet with these easy steps.

  1. Go whole grain:

All food items made of rice, oats, cornmeal, wheat, and barley come in the grain food category. Foods such as bread, pasta, cereals, and tortillas are most commonly used by everyone and considered the staple diet. You can easily switch over from refined grains to whole grains for a healthier meal. Whole grains are a good source of minerals, fiber, and vitamin b. Make sure you read the label before you purchase and read the ingredients at the back of the packet.

  1. Pair proteins:

It is best that you pair proteins in your daily diet plan. Include eggs in breakfast with yogurt, beans, and lean meat. All these foods are rich in proteins and are full of superpowers. It will affect your hunger and create good hormones, thereby maintaining the present ones. and will increase fiber intake. It will prove fulfilling and help in better digestion. Furthermore, it will also help in obesity reduction. It will help in muscle mass and prevent cramps.

  1. Create rainbow:

Your dining table and food plate will look good if there is a rainbow on them.  Imagine a plate full of berries, cherries, tomatoes, kiwis, carrots, oranges, and bananas. This rainbow plate will be full of vitamins, especially vitamin c, which will benefit the body’s overall health. There is no better way to boost your health. Furthermore, all fruits and vegetables have no side effects and are gifts from nature. So eating them by any means will have benefits only.

  1. Anti-inflammatory foods:

The immune system is fundamental in today’s life, especially that the pandemic has hit us. Our body tends to react more when the system finds anything foreign to it. It starts the inflammatory process as it wants to remove the foreign body. For this, eat anti-inflammatory foods such as seafood which are full of omega-three fatty acids.

Have more fish like sardines and tuna. That includes tomatoes in the diet, with all green leafy vegetables. Moreover, use more nuts and olive oil when you are cooking.

You highly need to reduce processed meat, fried items, and soda to ward off diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cardiac arrest.

  1. Drink water:

There is nothing more important than drinking water. Even if you consume bi carbs and sodas, you cannot replace the thirst with anything else. A recent study shows that drinking twelve glasses of water in a day will drastically change your eating habits. For that, drink plain water, not chilled. Also, have a glass of warm water when you wake up early in the morning.

Also, include supplements intake with water if it’s necessary. Or create a diet chart that is nearer to the products you have in your area. Moreover, you can go vegan for a day. Also, get vitamin c from foods that are chemical-free and have been organically grown.

Will it work?

Nature has gifted us wonders. If we balance our diet accordingly and take care of our health, then no wonder you can do wonders. You need to eat healthily and stay active throughout your lifestyle, and it will also save money. You can use the same money to buy healthy foods.


Creating a diet plan is very easy. If you follow the given ways to improve the diet, you no longer have to worry about health hazards and diseases. Constantly rethink what you have for dinner or lunch. Reduce things that are health hazards such as sodium and replace them with dates. With this routine, you will have a healthy mind and body in no time. Furthermore, have great vitamin c because this is necessary as this requirement meets all essentials.